Elevators & Parking


There are two passenger elevators and one service elevator serving First Hill Medical Building. 

All elevators are designed for efficient operation. In the unlikely event that the elevators become inoperable, please instruct your staff and patients to first use the emergency telephone located inside each elevator cab. The telephones are connected to the 24-hour emergency switchboard. A building engineer or elevator technician will be dispatched immediately to assist you. In addition, there is an emergency bell that may be pushed to alert the building staff of any problems.


The First Hill Medical Building has 4 levels of garage parking for tenants and visitors. The garage can be accessed via Jefferson Avenue. Monthly parking is available through the garage management company, Reef Parking. 

There is also a surface parking lot for patients and visitors, which can be accessed via Minor Avenue. There is no attendant at this lot; visitors pay at the automated pay station located near the main entrance to the building. Please note, this lot is credit card only. Visitors paying with cash should park in the garage. 

The parking garage is staffed from 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM, Monday - Friday. 

To request a parking pass, download the Parking Pass form and email, fax or deliver it to the Management Office.


First Hill Medical Building Garage Daily Rates: 

0 – ½ hr 


½ – 1 hr 


1 – 2 hrs 


2 – 4 hrs 


4 – 6 hrs 


6 – 10 hrs 


10 –24 hrs 




Except where designated by the appropriate signage parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis and visitors and staff may park throughout the garage. 

Visitor & Specific User Parking 
There are several specific user stalls that are appropriately signed. These spaces should only be used by the designated users. These stalls are: 

  • Handicapped Only 

  • Senior Parking 

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

  • Physician Parking Only (Physicians are given a blue decal to display in their vehicle) 

  • Reserved 

As a reminder, do not park in these spaces unless you are the designated user. Tickets will be issued for non-compliance and towing of illegally parked vehicles may occur.